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Welcome to the jSummit website! Here you'll find information on jSummit's development status, and on jSummit itself.

jSummit Version 1.0b was released to the public on 14-11-04 after surviving the rigors to UoW Trade Show and assessment. The team members all received excellent marks for the annual subject and subjected themselves to a slight culling of members before continuing on the project in our own time.

The jSummit team are currently working on an Internet version of jSummit as well as finishing up any loose ends.

Development News

18-02-06: jSummit is no longer being supported or developed by the team

22-12-04: Webpage Design changed, Internet jSummit starts its testing

14-11-04: jSummit Version 1.0b Released to the public!

25-10-04: jSummit has gone Beta, Commercial, Demos, Promotional Poster, User Manual, Technical Manual and Screenshots released

The old jSummit team (Snapshots):

  • Timothy (Global Chat, Private Chat & File Sharing)
  • Grant (Core, Whiteboard, all Connection Management)
  • Phillip (AV Module, Polling)
  • Jenna (Project Manager, GUI, User Interaction, Administration)


1. Can't create a summit?
Try installing the JMF - jSummit needs the JMF in order to start a summit or join one.

2. "Missing main"
Another JMF problem, make sure your JMF version is compatible with jSummit by checking the user manual specifications.

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