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jSummit is an open-source, multi-platform, peer-to-peer conferencing package designed to be a complete solution for all remote conferencing. At the most basic level, users can chat using instant text messaging. Building on top of this are features such as a shared whiteboard, shared desktops, and video and audio conferencing capabilites. Each component may be used in isolation, or in conjunction with others in any combination required.

Interfaces are designed for maximum user-friendliness, and configuration of the program is kept minimal. Connecting to a Summit is as easy as clicking on it, yet the software is still powerful enough to be flexible to any requirements.

jSummit is written in Java and is designed with portability in mind. Versions for multiple platforms will be available, and, being free software, we hope that it will continue to grow and be made available on less common environments such as handhelds and embedded devices.

Currently, the project is solely the work of a team of Computer Science students at the University of Wollongong, however due to the very nature of the project, it is expected that once the project is assessed and a finished product released, development on the software package will not stop.

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About Team Members

Tim is an easy going guy who spends a lot of time on IRC and out with his mates in his bright green car. As of 2006, Tim works full time as a coder and scripter.

Grant is a dedicated hardworking graduate of UoW (B.CompSci). He currently works as a Unix Administrator for a global company.

Phil is now employed with a leading Australian eCommerce software company (NetMerchant) where he is a full time Analyst Programmer.

Jenna is also working full time but as an Analyst Programmer for a global company.

They all are rather busy and have let the jSummit dream go.


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