jSummit "Commercial"

This is the jSummit "Commercial" that was part of the UoW Software Project specification. It was filmed by Timothy Eldridge and Jenna Thomson and stars both of them, Grant King and Eamonn Bell.
Phillip Street did the 'mouse movements' on his laptop for the beginning jSummit shots and help screen, whilst Grant did all of the textual elements and mixed the sound and music.
Jenna Thomson did the voice over (and asks "Do I really sound like that?")
The beginning music is "Lothlorien" by Howard Shore from the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack (used without permission)
The rest of the music is "Hard to Believe" by Klaus Badelt from the Equilibrium Soundtrack (used without permission)
The Beginning Font used is called "Tolkien"

Download the Commercial Here (MPEG1 11.2Mb)

Note: This commercial is not going to be used for any other purpose than for being on this website and will not be used to actually promote jSummit, it is part of our assessment and that is all it will be used for. (c) jSummit - 2004

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