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Tue, 26 Oct 2004 Decidedly Angry

The program is complete, the website is complete the only thing that has to stay up and running is the diary and this is not happening - I have had to resort to putting the diary up in a simple text form instead of the nice php form that we had before. Why? Because a server can not be kept running. That is why this diary doesn't look as good as it did before but all the information is still here. It has been seperated into two pages, Page 2

Thu, 21 Oct 2004 Trade Show

As Tim would say "ZOMG!" We did it! Trade show was awesome - we didn't get the $500 but oh well - checking out some of the other groups work - well done guys!

But ours went well - we demo-ed it to various people, got grilled by others but all in all it was successful. We had some issues in the morning but we had it working on not only 2 computers but THREE! It was really good - people were impressed. The Poster looked awesome, the commercial was really good and wonderful and all and now we are going to get PIZZA!

Okay we haven't entirely finished - the website and tech man and demos need completing but its almost over! Whoo hoo!

Sun, 17 Oct 2004 Well well well

The code is all finished - Tim is just putting the final 'tweeks' to his File Sharing module but everything else is working rather nicely I must say.

The end is in site - Trade show is on Thursday and we honestly can't wait - jSummit is awesome - we are so proud of it.

Personally I have finished the User Manual ready for printing, the Commercial is done (just needs recompressing and putting up on the website), the Powerpoint Demo has been emailed to Koren for the Trade Show, Daniel already has the poster and the Technical Manual is well underway but it will be fun trying to get it finished by Trade Show - hopefully we can but I have a Printed in Draft Mode version of the User Man to take and I revamped the website today changed some of the bios to more reflect the roles for the members of jSummit and added up the documents mentioned above. The rest of today will be devoted to getting a demo of jSummit done and the Tech Manual more completed with diagrams and all.

We shall be putting a Linux/Windows version of jSummit up on the website by the end of this week though the Mac version will not be available because I don't know precisely what needs to be tweaked in order to get it to work properly and I don't have a Mac that has Java on it to test it thoroughly (it is mainly GUI changes the underlying code will work the same)

Sat, 9 Oct 2004 More stuff

Okay Phil's having fun with the Video and Audio (not sure if Pete's doing the same thing? No contact....)

Tim's bug fixing his File Sending whilst Grant fully integrated the Private Chat into jSummit.

Grant did some minor bug fixes and 'touch-ups' whilst Jenna completed the Help menu and did some MainGUI 'touch-ups'

User Manual is coming along nicely (if Open Office will co-operate) and should be completed tomorrow. The graphics on the website will be overhauled tomorrow as well.

Also contacted Daniel about our 'presentation' on Monday but he's going out of town - we are a bit lost as what to do about it... Going to e-mail Koren.

Also also we are going to film some more stuff for our 'commercial' on Monday with a LAB COAT

Thu, 7 Oct 2004 Late session code scramble...

The deadline is looming....

The past week has been pretty hectic for all involved. Jenna & Grant have been working on getting final features and tweaks fixed and in place within the Gui and Core. A lot of little last minute things keep popping up.

The poster has been printed (and we must say it's a fantastic effort on Jenna's part). The user manual is coming along nicely, just waiting on a few of the modules to have their manuals submitted.

Tim has been working solidly on his filesharing and private chat code (Grant has been helping out with a few code tweaks and bug fixes). The project is starting to come together, conceded it's not a complete nor fully polished product but it will still be a worthy competitor at the trade show.

On a side note, My polling/vote module has been completed, some things had to be changed and/or dropped from the initial spec. There are some known issues but they can be rectified or worked around. With the deadline fast approaching and no definite submission of the audio/video module coming into action, I've taken the challenge on to make up a backup module, just in case Pete encounters difficulty with the integration and development (JMF is a nasty little beast to work with - likes to bite).

All in all, an extremely productive week on my own part, the group members hard work and perseverance is starting to come to fruition. Nerves will be the last thing to contend with...



Thu, 30 Sep 2004 Thursday Meeting

Jenna and Grant went to see Daniel to discuss a variety of things including Tim's justified outburst at Pete, the poster (which Jenna completed the night before), the commercial and 'demonstration' as well as getting the information on what we will be getting during the tradeshow. It has come to our attention that we wont have access to the Poject lab during week 12 so we need to have project completed by end of next week at the absolute latest.

Grant has almost finished the whiteboard, the Private Chat plugs into the mainGUI, File sending is almost complete (in it's beta format at least and being plugged into the CORE).

Grant and Tim abstracted out a Image Sending Module that needs to be created so that the profile images and whitebaord images can be sent as Java doesn't have a serializeable image class for some reason

Tim gave Jenna a piece of the User Manual and has decided that if the video module is not completed by monday as promised he will see what he can do to finish it off.

Wed, 29 Sep 2004 Holidays? What's holidays...precious, what's holidays?

- Tim went home then spent the night coding away on the 3rd module he has created
- Jenna worked on the Help Menu and wrote more on the User List to get it to function properly
- Grant fiddled around with the CORE some more making it even more robust
- Jenna mapped out a design for the poster

- Phil (for a time), Jenna and Grant went to Tim's house and we got jSummit going 4 ways in the Global Chat - after dinner J,T & G continued some more (whilst Jenna's computer had windows reinstalled she nicked Grant's second computer) - testing various bits of the socket code and changing various GUI items and the like. Grant wrote the disconnection manager as well whilst Tim fixed up some minor things in his Private and Global Chat, Jenna worked on the mainGUI some more and wrote a Help Frame
- They also filmed some footage for the commercial and discussed the poster
- Pete got sick. He got a medical certificate.

- J,T & G met up at uni and got some more commercial footage whilst trying to find Daniel to ask him what he thought of the poster design
- Tim had fun at a UNI LAN (which he deserved) whilst Jenna and Grant worked on the whiteboard one doing the icons the other doing the actual code ;) Though both taking as long as the other

Wednesday (as of 4.30)
- Tim got beta version of his File Sharing working with robust port cycling and is proceeding to plug it into the core
- Jenna successfully added her icons to the Whiteboard, got UserList opoup menu working and fiddled a little with the Modules and showFrames for Private CHat and Audio to get them integrated into the core
- Grant is working on changing the user status, removing a user and general core functions that need to be plugged into the mainGUI menued items

Sun, 26 Sep 2004 LANTek

Grant: Password for the Summit was implemented and working and tested. Peer-to-Peer code was tested and modified

Jenna: Put restrictions on number of characters in Profile area, also did the Help GUI and list functionality

Tim: Wrote Private Chat JSModule and got the Private Chat connecting through the core

We also played Rune, Phil insulated Jenna so she swore at him. Tim established how to use the video camera and fell asleep at his computer at 4am - yes we have photos

Also Grant got a RoboSapien - we are so putting jSummit on it : P

Sat, 25 Sep 2004 Too excited

O.M.G. jSummit actually works its amazing I can't believe it! We got it going through the core and the global chat works!

All that hard work and late nights have paid off for Jenna and Grant - Tim just needs to made a module wrapper for his private chat and it too will work ; )

Fri, 24 Sep 2004 Quick Update

Another late night coding. Took out the Demo code for the toolbar - need all modules to extend JSModule in order for the toolbar to function properly. Superflous menu items and toolbar icons have been removed.

Grant is churning away at removing all of the runtime errors and we got the users connected - go us! this close to sending legitimate packets through the core - Marco -Polo work like a charm and user incrementation if user already exists in list is working (though needs a little tweaking) - password yet to be finished but shouldn't take very long to complete.

Jenna wrote the JSFrame class and got it integrated into the Window List - still a few bugs but they will fix them in the afternoon. Her Userlist details display is still a little buggy too but she's working on fixing that up too.

Only 24 hours till jSummit prototype needs to be complete.

Jenna and Grant will put together a demo poster (after Tim gives us the example) on Sunday to show the meeting on Monday - Phil and Tim will be looking after video taping our big test for the 'commercial' - wonder if we can get any really cheesey images ;)

Note: Jenna just updated the index page of the website with current news and updated the bios to better reflect the roles taken on by members (plus a joke one - guess which)

All module writers are to write their section of the UserManual by Wednesday so that Jenna can put it together and get that part out of the road - Grant will be updating the website whilst that is going on and the others will be tweaking their code to make it completely finished by the end of the holidays.

Thu, 23 Sep 2004 Minutes

Okay Tim and Phil met briefly with Daniel in the morning a quick hi.

On Monday Tim, Jenna and Grant met up after Jenna's tut and talked about jSummit and she wrote the code that changes the user profile details with debugging help from Grant and Tim

On Tuesday night Tim finished off the Private Chat and sent it along to Jenna whilst Phil updated his poll stuff as well - later on that night Pete got his AV Video code up with a few minor bugs that the rest of the team helped him with - Jenna integrated the new Module classes into the jSummit workspace and made them link through the toolbar icons

On Wednesday Jenna and Grant fixed up the Private Chat's minor bug and Grant got the addition of users to the Summit all worked out and working, he also helped Jenna debug her code and finished off his Peer-to-peer connections. They also thought about design issues of the Poster, User Manual and Tech Manual which will be written over the holidays. Tim almost finished his File Sharing.

On Thursday Phil, Pete and Tim stayed up in the computer lab working bugs out of each others code. Tim churned away at his File Sharing code and as of this time almost has it complete whilst Jenna fixed up the Status Bar and Main GUI to remove the superflous menu's and icons. It's been a lot of hard work implementing ALL of the functional main GUI code (although Phil typed the first few bytes they were just a few rough frames which didn't do anything, and have since been overhauled completely and replaced with actual functional code. Currently the only file/class that is of any real use in the current project is Phil's "BaseListener"). Grant did a tiny bit (the "on-press" icon code), and is grinning stupidly with honour at adding something to Jenna's mammoth effort. He wanted to claim credit for the cool icons Jenna did, but would never take credit for effort as huge as that ; )

Also on Thursday, Grant censored a diary post by a really, (and completely justifiably) angry Jenna : )

Sun, 19 Sep 2004 Weekend Coding

Tim: Worked on getting Global and Private Chat completed - and did!

Jenna: Did the MainGUI - the ENTIRE MainGUI based on the outline code Phil had done months ago - added appropriate graphics and integrated into the jSummit package as well as fixing up the Profile and Room Selection plus a Password File and a variety of new pressed icons

Grant: Did MORE socket code including the peer-to-peer conenctions between the cores as well as completing the rest - it only needs to be runtime tested to make sure it does what it should

The others: ??? No clue.

Thu, 16 Sep 2004 Meeting

Okay no Daniel Meeting again though he did say on Monday not to make the project un-completeably robust and some ideas on how to simplify what we have done. Though we still seem to be in the dark about the poster (which I have asked the rest of the team to think about but they seem to be more worried about how much it will cost rather than who is going to contribute *sigh* )

Pete was at work though as I understand it he is currently working on getting the Video and Audio components finished - well enough so it can be integrated any way.

Phil played around with his Poll and showed us what it looks like and has decided how it is going to work and time-outs and the like

Tim finished his File Sharing earlier in the week and has moved onto the Whiteboard - he also tweaked the Global Chat making sure it was ready to be plugged into the mainGUI

Grant got more of the core Server code going (at the moment you can create a new summit and displays it in the profile/room selection and creation that has been fully completed -> by sat night it will create a MainGUI and have packets sending through the core for the global chat)

Meanwhile Jenna got the profile and room creation/selection fully finished and is working on the MainGUI and what it needs to contain - she will be finishing it on staurday and getting functionality to the buttons by sunday so that it can call all of the modules.

We have decided that we need to start 'plugging' in our modules and hence the core needs to be finsihed so that is why Tim, Phil and Pete have to get their modules finsihed by end of the weekend whilst Jenna and Grant get the core and mainGUI finished --> on Monday a large coding session has been organised to do some integration

Daniel sent to us:
Project Diary (5%)
Prototype and final web site demonstration (due week 11) (5%)
Peer review of process and group collaboration (due week 13) (5%)
Final Product (due week 13) :
- code (25%) documentation (20%)
- mpeg tradeshow presentation + final project web site (10%)

No-where is the poster mentioned and I am curious why the website is worth about 25% overall - it is a very static thing - seems a little over assessed to me - shrugs; anyway, only 1 week to get our code ready for the big LAN test!

(I never did mention that it is Jenna who writes these diary entries)

Sun, 12 Sep 2004 Sunday "Crunch Down"

Jenna and Grant sat down with two computers and did some heavy coding. Grant made a lovely Globals class for all our static variables whilst Jenna cursed and sweared at the GUI making abilities of Java but managed to fix up the profiles and retrieving the summitinformations passed through from the Broadcast frame

They also abstracted out the connection manager of the cores as well as worked on completing this code (with the aid of a multitude of diagrams)

After 12 hours of coding they realised that jSummit is a lot of work but it is slowly coming together - that and the ISP (Inspirational Socket Puppet) is a real help ;)

More coding tomorrow - only 12 days till LAN testing

Thu, 9 Sep 2004 Minutes

Yet again we didn't have a meeting with Daniel which is I suppose a good thing in that we don't have anything to actually show (it's going to proabably be nothing- nothing-nothing-nothing -jsummit when all the underlying network code is fully written) - it has all been designed out and the following schedule of events confirmed:

By the 11th CORE code will be completed along with user-lists and beginning profile and summit selection (to be completed by Jenna and Grant)

Pete is to finish his Audio and Video ( he was not present at this meeting)

Tim has the File Sharing code working nicely and was working on a File Sharing dialogue - he will most likely end up taking over the whiteboard whilst Grant handles the CORE instead

Phil has decided on one poll per person approach and will be working on OS specific subnet mask 'getting' programs
- All the modules are to be completed by the end of Week 9
- By the end of Week 10 jSummit will be in its beta testing stage
- On the 25th of Sept - jSummit will be tested at a LAN party to see how it holds up
- 25-4 Poster, User Manual and Technical Manuals will be completed
- Poster is due on the 5th of October
- Video will be created and manuals 'tweaked' in Week 11
- Week 12 will probably be our presentation week

On the 21st of October jSummit will be at the UoW Trade Show;

We have our work cut out for us but if we sit down and do some hard coding we will get it done! Only 2 weeks to go!

Thu, 2 Sep 2004 Minutes

Another productive meeting - boy we are on a roll - though yet again we didn't meet up with Daniel (is there a pattern forming here? Nah just kidding), Daniel was in Perth - pity we didn't have jSummit available to conference with him...Though on Monday there was a brief meeting after 322 where Daniel suggested how we might capture the LAN's available on the client so both Grant and Tim got a little gung-hoe and had a crack at it based on a suggestion by Pete.

In the meeting Pete set up CVS on his machine at home so we actually have a proper repository for our files - which is really good as things start to come together it is working out rather nicely.

Tim started working on file sending across the CORE whilst Jenna fixed up her profiles code getting it to read available profiles from a file and both Edit and Save them. Grant got stuck into more of the CORE after a little designing session with Jenna earlier in the week and Phil churned away at the Poll.

Overall whilst we still don't have anything to 'show' in a sense the networking code and the under lying design and structure is coming together very nicely - the chat is almost complete it just need beautifying and integration and the CORE is a few steps away from being ready to pass module data through

Whilst we only have 3 weeks to get this finished - we can do it *chants jSummit cheer*; (okay so we don't have a cheer but it would be nice....)

Thu, 26 Aug 2004 Minutes

Most productive meeting that we have had yet which is a good thing. Jenna, Grant, Tim and Pete sat down in front of a whiteboard to abstract out the details of the Core and how it insteracts with the modules in a more precise detail and to diagramise the API that was written two weeks ago.

Also a shutdown procedure was written how the program might handle itself in case of a 'crash'. As well as a pseudocode version of the start-up procedures and what has already been written - a time line for the completion of the project has been set for end of week 10.

Jenna, Grant and Tim then sat down and started thinking out the design of the CORe and how the module frames might want to work togther comparing it to the Marratech way of 'doing things' and some other possible ideas. As well as how the USerlist will be handled by the 'server' Core and how this might interact with the other modules in the program. The trio then went into the Java lab to try and get the SIR packets working and debug the code to make it work, Tim then took this home and churned on it all night to get it right

The plan is for Jenna to have Profiles and Userlist functioning by next meeting, Grant will be working on the CORE design with Jenna and Tim, Tim will be the 'debugger' of this code finding all the silly errors and correcting them whilst Pete and Phil continue with the video/audio/poll.

Sun, 22 Aug 2004 Website Updated!

Okay took several hours of Grant and Jenna swearing at the 'tables' (okay just Jenna and Grant laughing at her. But but it works now and I am incrediably happy and the new logo up the top makes it lok even better, plus with a new SourceForge link (that really should've been there since the begining) and updated roles in everyone's profile as well as modifying some fo the screen shoots to show newer versions of the code including the new icons for the Main Gui :)

And a nice new look for the diary to more suit the new colour scheme for the website

Thu, 19 Aug 2004 Minutes

Today we created some use case diagrams for all aspects of our project. Also made some class definitions for the modules as well as who will be implimenting the classes. Core packet headers were finalised as well as wrapping a core packet and sending it through. As a group we also viewed the other project websites and decided to spruse our up a little, as we think ours is lacking especially after seeing one of Koren Ward's project group's website.

Module packet API and abstract classes was also reviewed and updated along with the Summit Info class and the implemented functions. We have also made a considerable amount of progress on the Splash screen program that broadcasts to find jSummits.

For this week we will have that part implemented and the basic sending of a module packet with the appropriate header that can be decoded and send off to the receiving module.

Thu, 5 Aug 2004 Minutes

Incrediably un-productive meeting though some more of the braodcast code was written - but more procrastinating - saw Daniel said Hi, listened to some chit chat, got roped into some movie thing - you know.

Thu, 29 Jul 2004 Minutes

Had first "official" meeting of the session with everyone. Showed Daniel all of our groovy new guis and what we had been doing over the session break. He was mighty impressed - well actually he just got annoyed with Phill taking over his desk space. After that meeting jSummit went up into the project lab and for the first time ever we all got coding - actually doing work - though Pete got annoyed with the firewall in the project lab that was preventing him from fully testing out his video code - but he got the web cam sending images through his program. Tim was very happy with the way his code was going and Grant had a whole red vs blue thing going on in the whiteboard.

Phill is going to create the networking protocol and with Grant ironed out some of the details of network packets and how they are to communicate whilst Jenna put up all of the current code on Phill's home machine for easy access and started developing the splash screen program that uses the broadcast code written during the holidays.

All in all one of the most productive jSummit meeting that we have ever had. :)

Thu, 22 Jul 2004 Minutes

Phil, Grant, Tim and Jenna met up in the Porject lab and discussed various wonderful things including how great the website looks and how great the GUI's look. That and we discussed various things like sending objects using the ObjectStream classes and wrote some code to test this that actually works!

Tim had fun (and much swearing then rejoicing) getting different font types and colours for the different lines of text in his private chat modules.

Also we decided to not make things plugin yet - though that might change in the future.

Tim was swindled into joining the new SITACS student society but Donkey saved the others. None of the team members are on drugs (we swear we didn't know that package contained anything illegal please let us go to the Olympics).

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 Diary's Back!

The Diary's back again - everyone is rejoicing in the streets - singing, dancing - oh wait no they aren't.....

Mon, 12 Jul 2004 Server Code

Some of the client server code was written and the idea of using XML as packaging structure fully fleshed out - the C-S is currently being written and more of the GUIs are being fleshed out to have functionality - the Chat program has changing images and really good resize capabilities :)

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